MindSpa Spring cleaning event 19th March

Springtime spring cleaning with MindSpa Odyssey!

Sunday 19th March, 7.30pm UK time (11.30am PST)

There are a whole bunch of things I do better, feel more motivated, and find more enjoyable when with good company. Cleaning is one of these things.

So, we’re going to have a little MindSpa springclean!

First 40 mins, we’ll get some cleaning or something important done. Doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning windows, tidying, dusting, doing your accounts, putting your computer desktop in order, working on copywriting, whatever you like.

You can join in, listen, or tune out.

And, once the outside is done, let’s do the inside: A 30 minute MindSpa springcleaning experience to clean up the mind, get the mental equivalent of fresh air.

Blow the ol’ cobwebs away and greet spring feeling lighter, fresher and ready.

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