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MNR – Bench, view, nourished

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Get away from stress, responsibility and pressure. Leave it all behind for 30 minutes and find out just how refreshing, soothing and calming it can be.

Not the kind of sit-on-your-bum-and-drown-out-the-thoughts-with-TV kind of relaxation.

Something different, deeply nourishing.

Head up a gentle grassy slope to get an unrivalled view of the last year and possibilities of the next. No resolutions, no promises, no pressure. Just sit down, get comfortable and enjoy the peace.

Then on to the MindSpa and the Room for Relaxation. A few ways to explore reliably getting profoundly relaxed. Enjoy the nourishing relaxation – circulating, refreshing, soothing.

A gentle journey back.

Of course, it’s your MindSpa. I’m just the guide. Once you’ve been once, head back any time you like by using simple imagery or suggestion.

Pretty good for a little hypnotic and meditative story.

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

What just happened? Bench, view, nourished.


Part of our regular series: Monthly Nourishing Relaxation

First Tuesday of the month, 6.30pm UK time

It’s free, and open to all,
regardless of experience or proficiency in hypno/self-hypno/trance/meditation/whatever.

No sales pitch other than maybe taking care of yourself.

You can join in by signing up for the mailing list and ‘Live Events’ option from the bottom of any page on


send me a request or message and I’ll send you an invite.

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