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MNR – Rejuvenating, soothed

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There’s a difference between the songs you like and the songs you love …

And with relaxation,

there are things you do to unwind, escape the stresses of the day, calm a busy mind;

and then there are some things that soothe, nourish and refresh – things that leave you feeling energised and renewed.

That’s what our Monthly Nourishing Relaxation sessions are about.

It’s not just managing stress levels daily or midweek. It’s not just the escape, nor deep body relaxation. It’s not even the peace, calm and tranquillity that comes with a really good MindSpa experience.

It’s about exploring the difference. There’s something so special about an experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, with more energy – yet calm and ready.

It’s not magic. It’s not some hack or trick. It’s a powerful idea that comes from within. All you need is a guide to point out the path —

and then you’re off on an adventure …

What just happened? Rejuvenated, soothed.

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