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Pre-spring appreciation

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Sit back, get comfortable, drift off — appreciating yourself can be easier and feel great when it grows from within.

Start remembering how to appreciate and love yourself more. It’s the Valentine’s MindSpa Odyssey!

Winter and it’s like the world’s been holding its collective breath for an age.

Chatting with some friends, it’s interesting to me how we hold tension in the cold, waiting for warmth to return.

So it can be with the heart, too, sometimes. Holding tension in winters, breath held, waiting for that warmth of compassion, appreciation, love …

Do we wait between relationships for someone to love or validate us?

Is it between those precious, rare moments where we actually recognise and appreciate our successes, however small, and give ourselves credit?

It’s not quite spring yet, but the signs are there: crocuses poking their fresh green shoots out of the wet, earthy ground; small bursts of colour that catch the eye; and more, if you look for them.

The seasons are changing; warmth is returning.

Only you know what it’s like as your breath and body soften, that tension eases, and a deeper appreciation grows delightfully from within

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