Relaxation, Enjoying it

30 min. meditative and hypnotic recordings from the MindSpa audio Archives:

Relaxation, Enjoying It

Another visit to the Room for Relaxation, this time themed with plenty of suggestions for enjoying relaxation itself.


Another from way back in the Archives, before I started tracking and labelling (and even marketing) better.

I’m regularly delighted by people returning every week to enjoy their weekly visit to the MindSpa. There’s something quite special about the live events. Our chats inspire me to shape the suggestions, metaphors and content, creating something relevant and feels great to explore.

More than anything, I believe taking some time out of the week to slow down, take care of ourselves and disengage from daily pressures, there’s great power and benefit here — and the benefits can last for a long time. The week gets a little easier; thoughts are a little clearer; emotions a little easier to manage; decisions less reactive and more thoughtful.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a MindSpa live event, recording, yoga, self-hypnosis, meditation — perhaps even reading for pleasure, staring out of a window, a contemplative practice. It’s not even going to be universal. I think there’s great value in creating a daily or weekly routine, finding something restorative that works for you, and taking care of yourself.

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