Relaxation, You know why you came

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Relaxation, You know why you came

‘Ever try telling yourself to act a certain way, or change something, and it’s almost like you’re not even listening — no matter how many times you repeat it?

What if you could get so comfortable you create an open line of communication with yourself — and this time you’re in, you’re listening and you’re open to the message?

What would you ask for?

Last week, we used the Room for Relaxation to get comfortable, get super relaxed, and use the beautiful trance to ask for something important.

I don’t know what attendees requested. I imagine it was different for everyone. I don’t need to know.’


Ah, these ones are a treat, drawing together two simple ideas into an elegant and effective experience.

The relaxation, the trance, they feel great and they help keep the body still.

The hypnosis and suggestion part, we use them plenty ourselves every day. It’s not just the relaxation or the tranciness, it’s about opening up a channel of communication with… well, whatever the Other-Than-Conscious is.

Since I’m just the guide, and pretty much all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, I don’t need to know what people choose to work on or communicate. In many cases, the less prescriptive and the more open the suggestions, the more effective and elegant the experience and the resulting change.

If you could communicate something important and meaningful to yourself, what would it be?

(you don’t have to comment; it is your private garden after all!)

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