Return to the Library (and a Primer)

30 min. meditative and hypnotic recordings from the MindSpa audio Archives:

return to the Library, and a Primer

Clear up and organise thoughts, put the unwanted stuff out in the attic, and explore a new way to do self-hypnosis, with:
a return to the Library, and a primer

On the way, we played with an idea, an abbreviated version of the library, a way of giving yourself self-hypnotic suggestions using both the Library and the Journey into Relaxation experiences.

I’d love to encourage using the idea of the Primer as a way of exploring intention and suggestions in self-hypnosis.

I recommend listening to at least the Relaxation recording first before this one; the Library part is perhaps recursive here so you can listen to this recording more than once and experience more of it and in a different way.

This one was more holistic, to be experienced as a whole.

Wow! We accomplished a lot. It’s a super enjoyable listening experience, heading to the MindSpa and Library.

We used just a handful of suggestions, reminders of previous Adventures, so people can recognise that they know how to do the trance, self-hypnosis and relaxation bit. We took the shortcut — and it works a dream.

We used simple, clear imagery to help clear up and organise thinking; creating space and order to make the present easier.
Then, more elaboration, direct suggestion and structure. These are steps to elegant, simple, successful self-hypnosis.

What a journey!

It’s up in the downloads section now:

and, of course, available in the membership Library:

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