Scrub away stress, feel refreshed!

What Just Happened? Scrub away stress, feel refreshed!

A visit to the room for scrubbing bubbles;

scrubbing away stress, anything less than delightful;

sparkling clean, refreshed and renewed;

leave feeling lighter, more agile in mind, without carrying around that old, unwanted crap. 

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It’s great to ease off a little and return to some basics – rooms we’ve already visited, refining and practising them. The room for Scrubbing Bubbles is a firm favourite, so it’s great to head back.

One of the reasons I like the room for scrubbing bubbles is it reminds me that wellbeing, looking after the mind, is an ongoing process – like a garden worth tending to, even if you like it a little wild and creative (I definitely do!). 

There’s a nurturing that goes on. It’s rare that we go back, evaluate, design and refine a mental process that helps us operate more elegantly. Often, I think, we use processes we’ve cobbled together as we’ve muddled through life, or absorbed and picked up from others. There are some ideas I’ve found useful. Maybe you might, too.

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