Scrubbing Bubbles, Relax

today’s audio Archives: Scrubbing Bubbles, Relax

‘Last week’s Scrubbing Bubbles was a great success. I really enjoyed putting it together and using it to scrub the stress out of preparing, structuring and writing it. Recursive success!

I’ll be refining the room for Scrubbing Bubbles in the coming months. A button to push at the end of the day that cleans out all the stress, worry, lets us focus and gives a clearer picture of events. I love using this one and it feels so good as well!’


I remember finding it tricky to prepare for this one. I didn’t know exactly how it would turn out, and I had been indulging in a bit of catastrophising, fear, uncertainty…

So I used the Scrubbing Bubbles to clear out the stress and unproductive thinking. The rest of the preparation and delivery came much more comfortably and easily!

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