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from the audio Archives today: Relaxation, Self-Care

‘Last week, for the MindSpa Weekly, I got a request for help with self care.

We took a trip to the Room for Relaxation, took a little bit of time to really enjoy the experience, and focus on building a routine for self care.

A little bit of time, each day, to look after ourselves. And, of course, those little changes, that extra bit of time each day, really add up over the days, weeks and years.

Why do we keep heading back to the Room for Relaxation?
There are plenty of benefits to rest, relaxation, getting comfortable and being still.

It feels great.

The last two years have been a lot for most people.

The modern way of life seems to happen at the expense of our own wellbeing – especially if you’ve a family or caring for someone, or finding it challenging to separate home and work when working from home.

So, reclaiming a little time from the day for ourselves, to invest in ourselves, is a pretty good start.

Here’s the thing: the Room for Relaxation just opens the door. Sure, it keeps the body still, encourages healing and recovery and feels great. That’s just the superficial stuff.

It opens the door so you can communicate clearly with yourself.
Want pain alleviation, to outgrow phobias, automate new patterns of behaviour, get insight, creativity, set a natural alarm, and much more?

Even though we might not have met yet, I’m convinced you’re capable of much more than you think.

You probably already know this, too.

It all starts with communicating effectively with yourself.’


Another fine 30min hypnotic and meditative recording to help build and protect the space created by listening to the MindSpa audio Adventures.

Once you’ve created the space, you could fill it with anything you need: MindSpa Adventures, meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga, pilates, introspection, physical exercise — it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s important to you and helps.

A colleague observed to me that the act of asking of ourselves, of requesting a gift and receiving it, is how I view and structure self-hypnosis. Spot on! It’s how I taught myself, learned, and I think is very much at the heart of how we can use our Other-Than-Conscious mind more elegantly.

Speaking of gifts: it’s that time of year. We’ll be enjoying ‘Gratitude and Gifts’ at this evening’s MindSpa Weekly.

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