Something you want to Accomplish, plus Relaxation

30 min. meditative and hypnotic recordings from the MindSpa audio Archives:

Something you wanted to Accomplish, plus Relaxation

One from the early archives. What do you want to accomplish?

Dive into Relaxation, enjoy the suggestions, drift in comfort. Accomplish something personal.


One of the joys of skilled hypnotherapy. It’s very possible to help people accmplish something while having little to no idea of what they’re working on.

The more space created for someone to ‘fill in the blanks’, the more effective and elegant it can be.

It’s a delightful surprise when even the recipient has little or no appreciation in consciousness what they’ve been working on — just discovering something has changed, they feel, act and think more clearly, more elegantly, more easily.

We can create some of that space within the MindSpa:

‘Only you know what’s important to you about your visit to the MindSpa today …’

I love this structure, and we more frequently use something similar to create space in the MindSpa for you to get what you need.

Big thanks to Tom Vizzini and Kimberly McFarland of Essential Skills for their breakthrough material. Love it.

Anyways — this recording’s up for downloads now. This (Tuesday) eve: back to the MindSpa for our regular Tuesday adventures. More beautiful hypnotic and meditative experiences to make the week a little easier and the journey more enjoyable. 

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