Starscape (from MindSpa Weekly)

30 min. meditative and hypnotic recordings from the MindSpa audio Archives:

Starscape (from MindSpa Weekly)

A beautiful hypnotic journey to explore the stars, what meaning they hold for us. From the skies to the MindSpa: how do we change our stories into something special and empowering?

So, if your life was written out in the stars above, what would it look like?

And, If you could choose another, what would it be?

What would you do with a story, written out in the stars, that inspired and supported you to reach further?


I love the old myths and legends. The way we’ve taken these stories of creation, of ancestry and the essence of being human, and we’ve put them way out in the stars, far beyond and above us. This act speaks to me of something so fundamental about being human, a direct metaphor for an internal process.

For longer than we’ve records, we’ve looked at the sky and seen our past, present and future, the essence of ourselves, written out in light and imagination.

What if we changed our focus and reflected on a different constellation?

What if we chose some other light or sign to navigate by — one chosen deliberately or by inspiration, not by chance and not thrust upon us by someone else?

What if you wanted to make a little change? What if you moved one of those little points of light a little to the side — what then? How would your story change?

Created for the MindSpa Weekly events.

I really loved this one. The imagery works for me. I’ve long been fascinated by the stars, our voyages to and from, navigation, metaphor, our relationship and the meaning we derive from the patterns we create with them.

Now in the downloads section (and, of course, the MindSpa Library).

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