Sunday Sleepy Storytime 1 (past, future, make the week easier)

30 min. meditative and hypnotic recordings from the MindSpa audio Archives:

Sunday Sleepy Storytime 1 (past, future, make the week easier)

Turn up, tune in, drift off with the Sunday Sleepy Storytime.
We’ll take a little visit to the MindSpa, organise the previous week, and set things up to make the coming week easier and more manageable.

You don’t even need to get up or come back – you can just get comfortable, enjoy your MindSpa experience, and drift off to a deep and satisfying sleep.


Oh wow, I was wondering when this would show up. What a great experience that was! The inaugural Sunday Sleepy Storytime.

I’ve long enjoyed listening to excellent storytellers, raconteurs — I find it captivating, transported into another world and experiencing vicariously through others. Fascinating stuff. I remember being read to as a child, getting comfortable and drifting off…

Where’s this as an adult? I guess we’ve got audiobooks, though it misses the shared experience.

So, I put the idea out to the delightful and adventurous people who show up weekly for the MindSpa live events, and it was unanimous: let’s do this shared sleepy storytime experience!

We got comfortable, journeying into some soothing, deep relaxation. On the way, we tidied up the past, organised the next week to make things easier. Then, we got to choose: drift off for a deep, comfortable, satisfying sleep; or, re-orient, enjoy the day and have a fantastic sleep at night.

Though the answers depended on where people were in the world, their timezone, the feedback over the following days was excellent.

We’ve had round 2 of the Sunday Sleepy Storytime events last year. The next one’s coming up in the next few months.

Recording is available for download now in the store. It’s also available with 75+ other beautiful recordings in the members’ Library.

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