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This week’s MindSpa Adventure is more experimental. We had a request for a water-themed experience. Well (pun intended) I’m a big fan of nature metaphors (plus i love water anyway), so i’m 100% up for it – and this journey is what popped into my mind:

Remember (even if only vaguely) the water cycle we learned at school? Here it is as a metaphor, a way to explore creation and learning.

We use the initial, excitable beginnings to make new thoughts and paths. What happens as thought, energy and intention tumble and flow down to oceans of experience and knowledge? If you’re curious, it’s in the recording. I’d love to know what you make of it.

What just happened? The cycle.
(30 mins listen)


I love the creative challenge that suggestions and requests bring. It helps keep the mindspa adventures fresh and keeps me crafting experiences for you, the listener, instead of just for me.

It’s also pretty scary sometimes. I feel a bit uncertain, even self-conscious, about sharing an idea with the world – especially if I haven’t had time and early feedback to refine it.

Sometimes it feels uncomfortable. This is unavoidable, I suspect, when creating something new and offering it up to people – especially people we don’t yet know. I find it’s an act of trust, of vulnerability.

I’m grateful to those who have shared these experiences with me for their curiosity.

I’m thrilled every week when you make delightful, moving and insightful experiences out of these ideas.

To everyone who’s stayed, if even for a moment, and listened — thank you.

To everyone who brought a request or suggestion — thank you.

To everyone who took an idea I offered, a seed I helped plant, and grew something beautiful — thank you.

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