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the elixir

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Got something annoying you want to change? A behaviour, a situation in which you want to respond more … elegantly.

Got it?


Let’s head off on an Adventure. First stop, an easy climb to summit a gentle, grassy hill.

Here, get perspective on the past and future,

and dive deep into comfort and relaxation.

Next, travel on to a spa in your mind – a MIndSpa – and brew up your very own elixir.

Drink it in and explore a new world of choice, resourcefulness in less-than-delightful situations,

and the beginning of a more enjoyable, elegant future.

It’s all in this week’s MindSpa Adventure: the elixir

(32 mins)

Great feedback again: ‘That was amazing!’ and ‘Best MindSpa yet’
I hope you enjoy it as much as we did in the live event!

MindSpa MiniMeditations

Little reminders and content to help you explore the Adventures

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