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the orchard

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All this talk of apples, I’m getting hungry – for ideas and solutions. 

Begin an Adventure,

take a detour,

deeply down,

into calm,

relaxation …

Within the MindSpa, an orchard. 

Sweet hybrid fruits of your thinking, 

a synthesis of ideas,

waiting to be tasted.

One old tree here. 

One old, unique tree,

has a gift for you.

What just happened? The orchard 


We often have a wee chat, before we dive into soothing MindSpa experiences. It’s a chance to reconnect, catch up with people and enjoy the socials (even if they’re brief). 

It’s also fertile ground for finding out what’s going on in the world and in people’s lives – and what might be valuable to explore in the MindSpa itself. 

Sometimes we cover important topics; sometimes it is just whimsy and fun. Tuesday was in the latter category. 

I’d been longing to eat one of my apples, a Pink Lady. Sweet, fizzy, delicious. Our chat turned to apples, how they’re pretty much all hybrids these days – and, from here, a metaphor of how we can get creative, bring expertise from one area to another in our minds, and synthesise new ideas and solutions as a result.

Oh, and a bit about ‘the skinny branches’, a metaphor from Dave Dobson’s Fun Shops. 

Sometimes in the MindSpa Adventures we focus on more explicit techniques, tried and trusted. ‘The orchard’ is more experimental; a playful context for creating and exploring ideas and insight.

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