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It’s a beautiful day, just right for an Adventure.

Join me as we set off for the MindSpa and the Room for Relaxation.

Up there, atop that hill, the comfortable bench with a great view. Don’t get too deeply relaxed now — we’ve still a ways to go …

Within the MindSpa, reception welcomes you. Sign yourself in for the Room for Relaxation and we’ll head deeper inside …

In here, you find a few valuable ideas to explore nourishing relaxation.

Not the kind of thought-stopping, time-wasting, numbing experience of TV or scrolling through social media. There’s a difference. This one’s nourishing, renewing. The body softens, the mind soothed and relaxed, there’s peace within …

There’s a difference:
the soundtrack of the chaotic world outside;
now slower, a change in pace, in rhythm, here inside the Room for Relaxation.

What just happened? The sound of relaxation …


In our wee chat beforehand, we talked of the power of music.

I used to work with kids and adults who struggled with dyslexia, dyspraxia and adhd. A surprising number of them might struggle even with remembering and sequencing the months of the year — yet could easily recall songs, singing their lyrics without faltering.

Music sometimes has remarkable effects for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

It has the capacity to move us — physically, emotionally, cognitively.

And, it’s something I often explore with clients struggling with insomnia. 0

We brought a bit of this chat into the MindSpa with us. If this deep, nourishing relaxation has a theme, a melody or rhythm, what would it be? What’s the difference between it and the sounds and pacing of the busy waking world?

Once you start to figure it out, now you’ve got a bit more choice and control …

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