the Star and Relaxation

30 min. meditative and hypnotic recordings from the MindSpa audio Archives:

the Star and Relaxation

‘One from the early archives. Beautiful imagery, the Star, profound Relaxation’


From before I kept more detailed notes on what was going on. I think this was the first time we introduced the Star into our MindSpa experiences.

I don’t recall whether this time it was soothing relaxation, some kind of truly beautiful experience, or something else.

Usually, for the Star, we deepened a super satisfying, peaceful relaxation, then drift on up through the cosmos to something that calls out to us — a star or constellation with something important, something we need.

When it’s so close, so powerful, we can reach out and touch it, we bring it inside and notice what changes with that light, these beautiful sensations, diffuse through the body and lighting up all around from within us.

There are more changes as a result, both big and subtle, when we return.

A beautiful experience to explore.

It’s been in the archives for a while (and we’ve returned to the experience, to develop and use it in other ways); it’s now in the downloads area so you don’t need to be online to enjoy it. 

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