Today’s Adventure from the audio archives: Relaxation, Enjoy Being You

Today’s Adventure from the audio archives: Relaxation, Enjoy Being You

‘Sometimes, in the race for improvement, we’ve come farther than we think. Sometimes, there are surprise benefits we don’t realise.

Last week we came back to a popular classic: the Room for Relaxation.

It’s always nice to come back to rest somewhere familiar, consolidate what’s been accomplished, acknowledge how far we’ve come.

It’s where I began this little MindSpa project. It’s like the beginner footwork/dance/movement that you get to come back to years down the line and realise there’s another level.’


Giving oneself credit, enjoying a sense of accomplishment, these are some of the things that help build a strong, healthy sense of self. They improve mood, change perspective and a sense of what’s possible.

Dismissing achievements, unpleasant self-talk, these are some of the things that diminish sense of self.

Speaking of the unpleasant self-talk, I hear plenty of people ask “How do I stop it?”

If you think of it as just getting rid of it, you’re probably going to be in for a tough ride. Vacuums tend to get filled pretty quickly. Get rid of that thought and you can come up with more to fill the void — especially if you’ve spent a lot of time with less-than-delightful internal communication.

Instead, it might be valuable to think of self-talk and imagery as a pattern you learned somewhere along the way. Just like any pattern, you can learn another more enjoyable, beneficial one, and use it in its place.

Need help getting started? That’s what I created this audio Adventure for.

It’s been up in the members’ area for a while. It’s now also in the store for downloading (free to members).

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