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Winter Solstice 2022

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Phone recording, 20th December 2022
Computer recording

Why am I seeing two recordings here?

What are you holding onto, what have you been keeping alive, that you need to lay to rest and leave behind, in order to make progress?
Putting that old yuck – the unwanted and unhelpful experiences, sensations, responses – to rest.

How delightfully convenient that the Winter Solstice happened just a day after our MindSpa Weekly, and we were scheduled for returning to an existing Room to refine it.

Last year we did a MindSpa special on the Winter Solstice, exploring some aspects of it. This year we refined and broadened the journey:

  • letting things die off, so we could be free from them and leave them behind;
  • long nights and tending to the dark and shadows (for example, the reverse of a tapestry doesn’t sit in the light, yet without it the tapestry falls apart);
  • Saturnalia and reversals;
  • natural cycles;
  • rebirth.

30 minutes, some really good meditative content, and an absorbing, hypnotic experience to outgrow less-than-delightful things.
For the more hypnotic section, I borrowed heavily from the structure and imagery of my favourite topics: Other-Than-Conscious Communication and No Fault Psychology. Specifically, Dave Dobson’s Housecleaning.

It’s no secret I love Dave and Barb’s work on OTCC and NFP. It has shaped a lot of personal development, NLP, hypnosis, over many decades – and remains largely uncredited. I use it every day for myself, for clients, whatever I need.

(Photo by Hide Obara on Unsplash)

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