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Looking after your mind can be an enjoyable, rewarding experience, and it can feel great.

You don’t have to study for years to figure out how to direct your mind and use it more elegantly.

You don’t have to rake through the past to make progress.

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What is a MindSpa?

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Somewhere quiet and peaceful

Getting through the week can be tough. Each day brings additional demands: work, family, friends, our personal lives and goals. 

Sometimes the busy-ness and pressure gets too much. What might really help is somewhere quiet, peaceful, set apart and protected from the chaos of daily life.

You’ve probably heard it called a ‘spa’. 

Only, this one’s a little different …

When you get there, it feels tranquil and secluded

It’s a refuge from, and an antidote to, the demands and expectations of daily living.

Outside this spa, you deal with and accommodate everyone else’s needs.

Inside, you’ll find an oasis of calm. Everything here is luxurious, carefully designed to cater for you, your wellbeing. Here, you can feel cared for, nurtured and restored.

Your spa time is yours and you come first

Even if, outside, you found it tricky to ask for help, here in your spa you feel comfortable and reassured putting your needs first.

Some days you just want to lie back, forget the rest of the world exists, and feel deeply, nourishingly relaxed. Other visits, it feels great to scrub away all the stress and yuck from the week.

Each time you visit, you feel a little better and things get a little easier. As you feel more comfortable and at home, you might even start exploring some of the other experiences on offer …

Feel refreshed, renewed, calmer

By the time you leave, you feel refreshed, renewed, calmer – at peace. You feel better prepared for dealing with the demands of work, home and socials.

If this was a regular spa, you’d spend a fortune in time, travel and money. Good thing this isn’t a regular spa.

This oasis of calm isn’t somewhere you have to go to physically. It’s so light, you carry it with you wherever you go and you can visit whenever you want. The commute is soothing and peaceful.

It’s a spa

in your mind

a MindSpa

the MindSpa Experience


The MindSpa is a spa, in your mind.

It’s filled with rooms, each one waiting for your to explore. each room crafted so you can use powerful, valuable, other-than-conscious resources like relaxation, getting rid of stress, creativity, inspiration, improving communication and more.


The live events and recordings are like guided visualisations, using hypnotic, meditative and contemplative elements. They lead you through an experience full of metaphor, imagery, suggestion and thoughtful questions.

The MindSpa has helped many people discover techniques for using their mind more elegantly, get perspective and insight, and bring about change in your life – if they want.

We wrap the experience up in a story, giving the mind permission to relax, quieten and explore.

What happens in a MindSpa experience?

Let’s explore a typical experience with the Original Journey into Relaxation recording:

You  get in from work, tired and stressed. It’s been a tough day. 

‘If only,’ you think, ‘I could shift this stress, feel more relaxed. I don’t want work to take up my personal time too! ‘

I ask you to imagine I help you up, and we head outside on an Adventure.

We take a few turns and, as we travel, our conversation turns to rivers.

Pretty soon, you’re figuring out how to pour relaxation in and through your body.

Well, we make our way to a magnificent structure: your MindSpa. You take a look around, familiarising yourself with it, before we head inside. Reception welcomes you.

You sign yourself in for the Room for Relaxation (an excellent choice!) and head down the corridor. There, in front of you, is the Room for Relaxation.

There’s something special about this place. Everything about it is designed to help you get remarkably relaxed.

I ask you to imagine that over there is a deeply relaxed version of yourself. We add in some details and it sounds, looks and feels like something definitely worth exploring.

You head on over and try on this wonderfully, deeply relaxed version of you. It fits just right, like trying on old, comfortable clothes.

You get settled in, and drift on deeply down into a very comfortable relaxation indeed.

After some time, we head back from the MindSpa, and things outside have changed a little. 

By the time you return, you feel refreshed, renewed, calmer – at peace. You feel better prepared for dealing with the demands of work, home and socials.

Creating your MindSpa

The Foundations

We know that the mind affects the body — study, research, anecdotes (personal stories) and exploring our own lives reveals this to be true. 

For example, imagine a lemon. Pay attention to whether it is waxy or shiny, how the light reflects off it. Can you see the bumps in the texture? Can you feel its weight? And, if you were to bite into it, the little puff of zesty juice that sprays out, and that intense lemony acid taste and smell… is your mouth watering at least a little?

There’s also mental rehearsal, such as practising a basketball throw in your mind, and using stories to explore culture, relationships, bravery, what it is to be human. 

Using imagery, metaphor, story and suggestion, these things all affect how we feel and respond. They also affect how we experience the world. 

If you’re feeling comfortable, relaxed, you’re more likely to respond to a challenge with problem solving and creativity. If you’re having a tough day, feeling stressed or angry, your options are greatly diminshed and you won’t have many effective ways to respond.

Building your MindSpa

What and how we think affect our experience of the world. It’s how we come up with new ideas, figure out solutions and make plans. 

The way you build a MindSpa is to imagine a spa in your mind. The way you create a room for relaxation is to place it there and then explore it, adding useful details as you need.

It’s like learning to do a tennis serve. “Just throw the ball up and hit it!” It’s much, much easier to do this when you have a guide or coach to show you, lead you through the experience, then offer useful insight. 

5 Reasons people visit their MindSpa

it’s a very personal thing. Here are a few of the reasons

  1. Too tired/busy/worn out for a personal practice. relaxation, joy, insight etc, ‘done for you’. got back after a tiring day, too tired, want someone else to guide you

  2. create space, time, routine. get a break from stress etc. get distance from emotional probs, get perspective. get calm, feel good, make the week easier

  3. for the adventurous people. experience a new adventure each week from the comfort of your own armchair or bed. discover mental health and resilience while feeling good, enjoying the experience, letting go. without working hard. no digging through the past or yuck. no hardship. therapeutic, not therapy.

  4. learn how to choose how to respond, discover and use some foundations of mental wellbeing so they’re there when you need them

  5. learn self-hypnosis in an engaging and absorbing way

I’ve helped people make remarkable changes with hypnotherapy for over 20 years now. One of the things I wish I’d learned earlier is that learning self-hypnosis and harnessing the power of creating change in body in mind doesn’t have to involve therapy, years of commitment, any of this.

So, I created somewhere tranquil, peaceful …  and the effect on my life was brilliant!

You can read the history of the MindSpa here.

There’s an old saying:

we tend not to rise to the occasion, but fall back to the level of our training

What does this mean?

Learn skills and mindset early. Practise them, get experience of success.

Then, when things get tough, you’ll have well-rehearsed skills available to you – and you’ll trust yourself, that you can use them.

If you wait until trouble happens, some kind of emotional hurdle, before you learn how to handle it, things are going to get rough for a while.

Get started with

Free MindSpa Adventures

Recordings to help you create your very own MindSpa and fill it with beautiful, absorbing and empowering experiences

Here are some examples of what you can expect from MindSpa Adventures (and a sneak peek inside the membership area).

The Original Journey into Relaxation is a recording lovingly crafted to help you discover 5+ ways of profoundly relaxing physically and mentally when you need or want. The story structure is  designed to help you get some relief from internal chatter; the beautiful music and binaraural beats are layered in to help you drift in and out of powerful trance states, to make getting relaxed in body and mind simple and easier.

The ‘Intro to Stained Glass Windows’ is a gorgeous piece of imagery to help you relax and feel great. It’s an experience we shared on the way to the MindSpa for that week’s MindSpa Weekly live event. 

The third featured here is taken from the most recent week’s MindSpa Weekly live event.

There are plenty more beautiful, enjoyable and absorbing recordings in the Library.

When you become a member, you’ll get access to these, along with 80+ more recordings (and download them for offline use) and join in the Live Events. 

Beach and rain

that liberating, freeing moment where you just cut loose — jumping in puddles, wading in the water at the beach, remembering what it’s like to play and have fun …

Listen Here →

Intro to Stained Glass Windows

A simple, enjoyable and effective guided visualisation. Experience delightful sensations, deep relaxation and peace with just the intro to the Stained Glass Windows MindSpa Adventure.

Listen Here →

the original Journey into Relaxation

The original Journey into Relaxation, complete with music, binaural beats. Discover 5+ ways to relax profoundly when you want or …

Listen Here →


I create these beautiful experiences (the MindSpa Adventures) for entertainment and education. They’re not intended to replace qualified medical and psychological care.

Please enjoy them safely. Do not listen to them when driving, operating heavy machinery, etc. Essentially, if you’re supposed to have your eyes open or be paying attention to something else, wait until you’re off duty before listening.

If you think you might need more help than an enjoyable recording, please seek out the help you need. Go ahead, I’ll wait!

If you’re interested in hypnotherapy, how it can help you, or my 1 year coaching programme, contact me and let’s get chatting

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