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30 minute Hypnotic and Meditative audio experiences to help you …

It's a spa, in your mind

You might have heard of a ‘memory palace’ – a place in your mind to help you remember things. Well, instead of remembering lists of things, this is a spa in your mind to help you use your mind more elegantly and effectively.

Using hypnotic and meditative audio experiences,  discover how to build a luxurious, bespoke spa in your mind. Then fill it with rooms to  help you

relax deeply,

enjoy creativity and inspiration,

get rid of stress, and

get to sleep more easily.

Fred's MindSpa is a wonderful, supportive journey in our mind which he guides us through or we can visit on our own to help us with so as many things. Challenges with organizing our thoughts. Looking for clarity. And much more. His voice and presence are soothing and relaxing.

The Start of an Adventure: a sample MindSpa Journey

Explore and experience wonderful relaxation with  a sample from the Stained Glass Windows MindSpa experience. 

0:00 intro; 2:40 journey begins. Lasts around 8 mins. 

3 Reasons to visit your MindSpa

‘Wired and tired‘ – exhausted and need rest, but your mind is still buzzing? Sit back, close your eyes and drift off with absorbing and enjoyable guided deep relaxation experiences.

Don’t bring your work stress home with you. Use your MindSpa to scrub away stress when you get home. Your personal time is yours. Enjoy it more by keeping it separate from work. 

Discover mental health and resilience skills with enjoyable, absorbing experiences — without working hard. Enjoy practising these skills so they’re there for you when you need them.

Well got to say your meditation made me sleep like a baby 😃

How to build and use your MindSpa

Listen to the recordings or attend the live events.

The MindSpa experiences are like guided visualisations. They use hypnotic and meditative  elements — metaphor, imagery, suggestion and thoughtful questions — to help you relax in body and mind. As you listen and follow along, you’ll be able to build and explore your very own MindSpa, full of rooms to help you get comfortable, get rid of stress and get to sleep more easily.

We wrap the experience up in a story, giving the mind permission to quieten, relax and explore.

Here’s the Original Journey into Relaxation. I created it years ago to help me through some tough times, and I still love listening to it.

There are 5+ ways of relaxing profoundly in the audio recording, with imagery and suggestions to help you relax when and where you need it.

Listen to the Original Journey into Relaxation here. 

I recommend using headphones to listen. Make sure your arms and legs are uncrossed, and your head and neck are supported. 

Remember: it’s an audio experience, not magic! Practice and skill go a long way to make things smoother and easier.


I create these beautiful experiences (the MindSpa Adventures) for entertainment and education. They’re not intended to replace qualified medical and psychological care.

Please enjoy them safely. Do not listen to them when driving, operating heavy machinery, etc. Essentially, if you’re supposed to have your eyes open or be paying attention to something else, wait until you’re off duty before listening.

If you think you might need more help than an enjoyable recording, please seek out the help you need. Go ahead, I’ll wait!

If you’re interested in hypnotherapy, how it can help you, or my 1 year coaching programme, contact me.

I find it very centering and full of insight to help with my work week.

What next?

Start using the imagery and suggestions in the Original Journey into Relaxation recording as shortcuts, reminders on how to re-experience the rest, relaxation and calm. 

Sometimes people get so relaxed, they forget what happened! To make it easier, I’ve written a guide and a course to help make it easier to use the skills and ideas in the recording, along with answers to some common questions. 

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It doesn’t cost you a bean, and you’ll get access to:

The Mindspa is an oasis of calm in a busy and turbulent world. Fred has the most soothing descriptive voice that let's you totally escape the daily grind and you feel refreshed and renewed after just a short session.

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