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I got into hypnotherapy more than 20 years ago because I love helping people and I had a long list of things I wanted to improve about myself.

i noticed that people (myself included) were making progress much more challenging than it needed to be — and in some cases prevented it entirely! My biggest frustration? People were missing out on what i think is the most important part of therapy. We’ll get to that in just a moment.

With just a few small changes, we can learn to value ourselves more

We can move from ‘this is a problem and I’m powerless to do anything about it’ to ‘that’s interesting, I wonder how soon I’ll figure it out’.

We can have more choice in who and how we want to be.

Before we get there, what even is an odyssey?

Odyssey (noun)
1: a long journey full of adventures;
2 : a series of experiences that give knowledge or understanding to someone

Encyclopedia Britannica

What has an odyssey got to do with hypnotherapy?

As I began helping clients and working through my own personal list of changes, I noticed a few things:

Hypnotherapy was being marketed as a quick fix and something we do ‘to’ people. This is way off the mark! Pretty much all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and the hypnotist is just the guide.

Some problems we focus on too much, place too much importance, and it becomes harder to get results. In my case, I became demoralised and frustrated, which slowed me down. It affected my mood, wellbeing and motivation.

People tended to ignore a problem until it’s unavoidable, then worry and do something about it. Whether they got results or not immediately, once the immediacy is gone they often go back to ignoring it. Sometimes progress and change take time, effort and persistance.

When people get results from therapy, they often miss out on the best bit:

You did this. Congratulations!

It’s empowering to realise you can direct and change your mind. There’s a shift from powerless and resigned, ‘I’m screwed, I’ll always be like this’ , to having control and choice in our lives, ‘I wonder how soon i’ll figure that out and change it.’ 

It's not just hypnotherapy, and it's not specific to MindSpa Odyssey —
it's an approach to learning and progress

Perhaps you’re starting to realise how it’s valuable to think of outgrowing unwanted behaviours and thoughts as part of an odyssey.

Sometimes, change takes time, effort and persistence. You might need to fall down a couple of times before you figure out how to stand, walk and run. Committing to coming back to a specific change and accomplishing it, even if progress might be slow and doesn’t feel great, is super valuable.

Just like learning a new skill, it’s OK to pause and focus on something else for a while. It’ll still be there to come back to tomorrow or next week if you want to. 

Each challenge, big or small, is a part of something grander.  It’s so valuable having support to help you keep coming back until you actually achieve it. 

Whatever happens, it’s a part of your Odyssey. 

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Does it feel like you got to choose who you are today?

Me — I was painfully shy, hiding behind curtains of hair. I spoke too quietly. I was terrified of speaking with people.

I looked around and saw people happily chatting with each other, confident, all the things I wanted. It seemed so natural and easy for them.

What I wanted was logically just a few small steps away, but it felt almost impossible. All I needed to do was change my mind.

How the hell do you deliberately change your mind?

I thought, ‘It’s like I’ve been blown about by the winds of fortune. I learned shyness and fear because I needed to survive.’

But here’s the thing:

I want more than survival.

Back in my teen years, I’d picked up some books on hypnosis. Stage hypnosis had recently made it big on TV, and I was fascinated by how some people could change their experience of the world so dramatically. If you can eat an onion like it’s an apple, what else can you do?

So began a long journey to find out how people change their mind and behaviours. I discovered a lot along the way. Hypnosis is not what I thought — and it’s not what was being taught, either. It’s not ‘programming’, it’s not ‘installing’ and it’s not about domination. Stage hypnosis is nothing like the respectful therapeutic approach I use now.

So, what is hypnosis about?

The way most people go about changing habits, fears and responses is a bit like trying to drive from the back seat by shouting instructions.

Hypnosis puts you back in the driver’s seat, back in control.

What do I mean by this? Good question! If you’d like to know more, check out the hypnotherapy page.

I used hypnosis and self-hypnosis to outgrow that old shyness and freed myself from so much fear. It didn’t happen immediately – I still needed to learn new skills like small talk.

Once I’d got some surprising results with friends too, I knew I was onto something special.

Then, I realised two big things:

  1. I had a long, long list of things I wanted to improve
  2. I’d never thought about how I actually wanted to act, think and respond to the world

Once you realise you have choice in who you are, there are a few big questions to explore:

What if you could choose how you respond to the world, instead of only reacting?

Who and how would you be if you could break free from unwanted thinking, fears and habits?

If you make a small change each week, how soon will it be before they add up to something remarkable?

If you’re here, you’ve realised (or hope!) that change really is possible. You’re probably beginning to suspect that ‘If I fix just this one thing in my life, it’ll be perfect’ isn’t true. In fact, it might even have been holding you back for a while.

You might find one or more of these experiences familiar:

'My whole life is a mess'

You've a growing list of things to improve. It's all a bit messy — overwhelming, even.

Just finding somewhere to start would be a big improvement.

'I want to take it slow'

It's time to start; you want and deserve better. It's been a rough road so far and you've memories of struggling so hard to make progress and falling short again.

You'll benefit from some reassurance, experience of success (at last!) and going at a pace that suits you.

'I wish I had a guide for my mind'

It's baffling. Some behaviours, thinking and ways you respond seem so easy to learn or change; others seem almost impossible. How come?

Direct your mind and behaviour more elegantly and effectively. Discover the secrets of self-hypnosis — the language your mind uses.

I’ve experienced all 3, and it’s why I created MindSpa Odyssey:

a way to gently take back control of your life and really shine.

What's Involved and why?

Here's how I help you on your Odyssey:

Hypnotherapy and coaching, twice a week

Support (e-mail or messaging) if needed between sessions

MindSpa Odyssey Membership (recordings for relaxation, sleep, getting rid of stress and much more, plus courses and guides to help you out)

For only £97.50 per month (minimum 3 months). 

I make sure we have a 15 min. chat before accepting Odyssey coaching clients. It’s a fair commitment and I want us both to make sure it’s a good fit before we begin. 

Ready to go?

Start your Odyssey now!
Let's find out if the Odyssey coaching programme is a good fit for you

Why does this help?

Fortnightly (every 2 weeks)

Hypnosis puts you back in the driver’s seat, so you’re in control. Trying to change our thinking and behaviour by telling ourselves to do it is like shouting instructions from the back seat. Sure it might work eventually, but it can be a really frustrating and demoralising experience. 

Hypnosis isn’t limited to ‘eyes closed, focused relaxation’. I use the term ‘hypnotherapy’ here to refer to the broad range of techniques, skills and psychology that I’ve found valuable and effective after more than two decades of helping people and research.

If I help you make some elegant improvements in your thinking, behaviour or quality of life, you’re likely to think I did it. When you discover that really it was you all along (and I’m just the guide) then you’re on to something special. I want you to be healthy, happy and independent. That means putting you in the driver’s seat. You’ll probably need less instruction and more coaching the further through your Odyssey you are.

back when I was learning to breakdance, I noticed something:
when I went to one lesson a week, I made small improvements then lost most of it by the following week.
when I went to two lessons a week, I learned quite a lot and retained more.
When I went to a lesson a week and 2 or more self-directed training sessions, I learned quickly, I made huge gains and kept them, I developed my own style and creativity. It’s just much better for progress than 1 session each week.

make your way through things at your own pace
each recording is an opportunity to discover a bit more about how your mind works
access relaxation and get rid of stress when you need it
practise when you don’t need it so it’s there for you when you do need it.
build a library in your mind full of amazing resources like creativity, relaxation etc. then use it when you need it.
discover that you know how to do these things so you trust you can do it out in the world
great things to fall asleep to, nap, take time out of the day to regenerate, soothe a racing mind, distract and more.

promote longterm thinking approach to development
expect a year

3 months lets us make sure ongoing is suitable for both of us

price - helps us both. take the pressure off, get better results, get more changes, enjoy life more, independence and empowerment, means i can spend less on room rental and less time on marketing and sales, and focus on the stuff i actually love: helping people.

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